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    Announcing the launch of Online Booking

    Western Medical Clinic Medical Corporation is pleased to now offer online booking. This is part of our mission to provide the highest quality patient care, while connecting with our clientele in the method that suits their schedule. The physicians and staff are excited about this new option. We look forward to its full implementation as a way to compliment existing services.


    “We currently have 80 percent of our physicians available through this service, and will be adding more in the days and weeks to come” shared the representatives for the Western Medical Clinic. “This is not meant to take away from existing services, and our team is always there to help through traditional channels. This is merely designed to augment the opportunity for patients to connect with our team.”

    As we continue to build on our capacity the physicians and staff of Western Medical Clinic Medical Corporation welcome your feedback on our services. Should you ever have any questions or would like to comment please feel free to contact us at westmed@westernmedicalclinic.ca .

    So now why not take a tour and learn about how simple it is to book through our portal. Follow the link above or click on the button that says “Book Online” on the top right side of the homepage.

    (Note: You will generally receive appointment confirmation the same day. If it has been over a day [weekends excluded] please contact to confirm via the email above.)


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